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Current Offerings Include:

In-home Canine Therapeutic Massage

  • Initial Visit & Consultation with Massage- please plan for an hour and a 1/2; actual length of massage will depend upon what your dog allows (avg. 1st massage according to:Jean Pierre Hourdebaight, RMT, LMT, Founder of Massage Awareness, Inc., Author: Canine Massage: A Practical Guide, & Canine Massage: A Complete Reference Manual is 5-8 minutes. Because we spend at least 30 minutes sharing stories about your dog and then actively calming and grounding ourselves, my first massages typically average 12-20 minutes.)
  • Follow-up Massage- please allow one hour for our appointment; actual time of massage will depend upon what your dog allows; most dogs desire a full-length massage (30-50 minutes) by their 2nd or 3rd visit.
  • A Series of 3-6 Massages is Recommended and is the most cost effective way to achieve therapeutic benefit.


In-home Canine/Human Relationship Consultations (including fun, rewards-based training)

  • Initial Visit & Consultation with Home Evaluation for Environmental Stressors and Training & Behavior Protocol- please plan for an hour and a 1/2
  • Workshops for Canine Guardians & Shelter Volunteers (see calendar for dates, or call or email to schedule a workshop in your community)
  • Hands-on-dogs workshops typically last around 4 hours. (see workshops page for more information)

Ritual with Companion Animals – ritual can be a profound and powerful way to mark the major transitions of life in a way that is meaningful for you and your family. We’ll create a simple ritual together using the wisdom and practices of traditions from around the world.

  • Suggested settings for ritual include: ritual of belonging for new family members- celebration of life/birthday- healing-preparation for life/death transition- memorial/burial rituals

Vacation Boarding & Training in my Home (available to training & massage clients only)

  • Please reach out for current rates and availability